The Viper Barrel Vise

The Viper Barrel Vise is constructed of 6061 aluminum.

The bottom half is 1" thick , for added strength, when mounting to your work bench.

All four hardened, threaded bolts have a support spring.

These springs keep the top half from flopping around during barrel insertion and removal.

Each spring is fully captured on each end for stability.

Custom Powder Coating for a non slip, non marring gripping surface

 for bench rest barrels up to 70 lbs. of  torque.

Price:  $60.00 + Shipping.

For Ordering: Please call 1-269-521-3671.

Custom Powder Coating.

Fully Captured Springs.

Notes for use of barrel vise:

Use a toilet paper roll cut long ways and wrap it around the barrel.

If barrel slips with cardboard around it, try tightening the bolts first.

" You have to be smarter than the tool you are using."


Viper Chambering Fixture

Bolt Truing Fixture


Action Truing Fixture

"Truly a 3 in 1 Fixture"

"Now being used by the U.S. Marine Corp Shooting Team gunsmiths."

Chamber any length or contoured barrel,

Pistol or Rifle,

from the chuck side of your lathe.

True up Remington actions with the same fixture.

True up any bolt and bolt face.

($265.00 + shipping)

This Chambering Fixture was produced

for one of My Marines.

CWO 3 Jeff Pcola.

This Fixture was customized for a Warrior, who spent

20 years allowing me to sleep safe at night.

Truing a Remington action.

The Viper's chambering and truing fixture,

can be used with either a three, four or six jaw chuck.

Three and Six jaw chucks:

Simply machine the end of the fixture 1/4" longer than your jaws,

machining the flats off makes a perfect fit for scroll chucks.

Please make your check or money order payable to:

Carol Pastor

37945 6th. Ave.

Gobles, Michigan 49055


"The Last Loading Block You Will Ever Buy"

The Viper Loading Block

The First Solid Billet Aluminum Bleacher Block in The World.

Each block holds 100 rounds.

Takes up less space on the reloading bench.

Ease of handling cases.

Each block is caliber specific. .005 over major diameter of case.

This beast weighs in at 10.5 lbs.

"If You knock it over, then you meant to do it!"

(size)    12"x4"x4"

Felt pads at each bottom corner for ease of movement on reloading bench.

Price is $150.00 + Shipping.

For ordering call 1-269-521-3671 or email at

Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake.

$35.00 + Flate Rate Postal Shipping.

Flat loading tray for .308 case head.

$30.00 + Flate Rate Postal Shipping.


Micrometer Adjustable Reamer Stop.


The MARS Kit comes with 5 main bodies.

2 collars, 1 Long and 1 Short.

1 Micrometer Dial (40 TPI).

1 small tennon ring.

Complete instructions and warranty card.

The MARS KIT is fool proof and simple to use.

You can dial in .0005 with confidence every time for that perfect chamber depth.

$225.00 free flate rate shipping in U.S.